Picking up our Automatic Dispensing Machine for Epoxy

Our latest piece of equipment comes from EXACT Dispensing Systems, Newcastle, Maine. Today, we are receiving training for the Model 1450 Single Acting Metering System and can’t wait to add this to our manufacturing facility. This machine will mix our hardener and epoxy so we can take out human error, time and loss of material.



Appearance on Executive Leaders Radio Program

Ernie DeLany (President) had the honor of appearing on Executive Leaders Radio Program this past Friday (May 9, 2014). He had a great time talking about his past experiences ranging from the lessons he has gained through sports, learning from losing, and various family stories.

Below are the radio stations, days and times your show will air, and other media carriages where you can access the show. Please make sure you tune in!


Local Coverage:


Sunday, May 18th from 3-4pm on  WCHE/1520AM (live stream www.wche1520.com)


Wednesday, May 21st from 10-11am on WNJC/1360AM (live stream www.wnjc1360.com)




Tune in on Sunday, May 25th at 7amESTat www.radioamerica.com  or  www.radioamerica.org

National Stations:

KSRM 920 AM: Anchorage, AK     
WANI 1400 AM: Columbus, GA – Opelika, AL
WEBJ 1240 AM: Mobile, AL                              
KFPW 1230 AM: Ft. Smith – Fayetteville – Springdale – Rogers, AR
FLKBJT 1590 AM: Little Rock – Pine Bluff, AR
KTPA 1370 AM: Little Rock – Pine Bluff, AR
KZNG 1340 AM: Little Rock – Pine Bluff, AR         
KNTR 980 AM: Phoenix (Prescott), AZ                  
WCCF 1580 AM: Ft. Myers – Naples, FL                   
WJTK 96.5 FM: Jacksonville, FL                              
WJZS 106.1 FM: Live Oak, FL
KKLE 1550 AM: Wichita – Hutchinson Plus, KS
KLEY 1130 AM: Wichita – Hutchinson Plus, KS
KEUN 1490 AM: Lafayette, LA  
KXAR 1490 AM: Shreveport, LA                                  
WARK 1490 AM: Hagerstown, MD                                  
WICO 1320 AM: Salisbury, MD                                 
WATT 1240 AM: Traverse City – Cadillac, MI                      
WBCH 1220 AM: Grand Rapids – Kalamazoo – Battle Creek, MI
WMMI 830 AM: Flint-Saginaw – Bay City, MI      
KHMO 1070 AM: Quincy – Hannibal – Keokuk, IL- MO
WSFM 1180 AM: Wilmington, NC 
WABJ 1490 AM: Toledo, OH                                
KBNP 1410 AM: Portland, OR
WECZ 1540 AM: Johnstown – Altoona – State College, PA
WNWS 101.5 FM: Jackson, TN                                   
KACT 1360 AM: Odessa – Midland, TX                            
KQTY 1490 AM: Amarillo, TX                                  
KXYL 1240 AM: Abilene – Sweetwater, TX                      
KXYL 102.3 FM: Abilene – Sweetwater, TX                     
WFHG 92.7 FM: Tri Cities, TN  


A few weeks after the show airs it will be webcasted and archived on www.executiveleadersradio.com.  You can also access the show on iTunes, Podcastpickle.com, Podbean.com and Castroller.com.  The Executive Leaders Radio is also featured on Smart CEO, SBN Online and The Entrepreneurship Institute.

Thoughts and reflections of the AHR Trade Show NYC 2014

Four members of Probes Unlimited Inc. braved the polar vortex a few weeks back to attend the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Trade Show (AHR EXPO). Our main purposes for attending the show were to:  market our new line of products TTmini Temperature Transmitters, identify the latest technologies that will help us continue to efficiently design our products, so we can meet engineering demands of the market, and last but not least, create new contacts and nurture existing business relationships.

Overall this was a successful trip and was worth battling the artic-like conditions. Below are some impressions and reflections from two of our attendees.

Ernie (President): “61K attendees in NYC.  I saw the continuing trend of focusing on energy efficiency/environmental awareness to reduce greenhouse gases.  There are growing opportunities for sensors as instrumentation is developed to maintain, monitor, and confirm increased efficiency.  The industry is far from the days of blowing hot and cold air while gobbling energy.  Buildings have endless options for climate control.  ROI for up 99% efficient condensing boilers, wireless building energy management systems, and advanced tools for installation have been reduced as the technologies advance in development.  I continue to be blown away year after year of the compact size and output potential of the condensing boilers at the show.  Roy and I got a preview of a boiler in development that was a 4 stage [4 individual modulating burners/heat exchangers] that adjusted according to demand.  It was capable of up to 1 million BTU and was smaller than a standard fridge. 

It will be interesting to see how the smart grid technologies develop from year to year.  People are now focusing on generating electricity on site burning natural gas/propane/oil/solar/wind.  There are some opportunities for our TT mini devices in these applications that require advanced controls.”


Roy (Head of Sales): “In this industry, cost is still more important than new technology.  You don’t see much in the way of wireless products like you see in the packaging and automation industry.  This is talking about the OEM market only.  Building automation is an area where new technology can blossom and I think our TT Mini is a good fit there.”

We look forward to incorporating what we have learned into marketing our latest product and were thrilled to see that there is a demand for it in this particular industry. 

We Are Curious, Which Social Media Outlet Do You Like Best?

With Social Media becoming so popular, we were wondering which outlets you like best?

We Finished Exportech

We finished Exportech

Mariah, Ernie and Robert with their certificates.

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Export Strategy

For the past few months, Probes Unlimited, Inc., has been participating in a program called ExporTech by DVIRC that helps manufacturing and technology companies enter or expand in global markets. While PUI is currently a global company, we really want to focus on expanding those markets. At the moment, our sights are set on China, Canada, Germany and Australia.

These all-encompassing export sessions have provided us with a wealth of knowledge. We’ve also benefited with the support of an individual coach who answered any of our questions and guided us through the process of creating our own export strategy.

On April 3, 2013, we are scheduled to present our export strategy for each country in front of a panel of experts who specialize in different sectors of the exporting process. We have learned so much during these past few months and we thought we would share some of the important tips that we have been incorporating into our own export strategy.

We learned one of the biggest distinguishing factors of a successful and not-so-successful exporter is their marketing message.  As we all are aware, first impressions are often the deciding factor for whether or not a prospecting buyer is going to further pursue getting to know more about your company and the products/services you offer. We learned that it is imperative to have a clear message on how we differentiate from our competitors and why choosing our company will benefit the potential buyer. Seemingly an easy task, we soon found out how difficult it was to create a successful elevator pitch that was targeted for each country and product we were pitching.

The second valuable lesson we learned was the importance of doing thorough research to determine our target markets. Doing our homework and answering questions like: what foreign markets are most attractive for our product or service? And how can we be successful in these target markets were so valuable. From those questions, we were able to broaden our knowledge of product trends, to identify our biggest competitors in each market, and to understand our key obstacles that we might not have known.

Lastly, the process of writing our plan of action for the next three years was a huge help. Not only in the sense of having a concrete ‘To Do’ list that we can refer back to, but it really highlighted what is expected of each member of our team. That is, holding each of us accountable for specific tasks that will ensure that we complete our goals.

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Mind Mapping and Root Cause

This week’s post will primarily be about Mind Mapping and Root Cause. Mind Mapping is a diagram used for brainstorming. Originally developed by Tony Buzan, these mind webs are commonly used when:

a) you want to learn something at a faster pace,

b) developing new ideas,

c) collaborating with a group, and

d) trying to better understand a complicated system or structure.

Mind Maps are perfect for projects where there are hundreds of factors to keep track of because it allows you to simplify and summarize ideas in an organized and visual way. To assist you in keeping thoughts orderly, Tony Buzan created some helpful guidelines:

  • Starting at the center, use an image of the topic you will be outlining.
  • Whenever applicable, use images, symbols, and codes to keep things visually appealing and less “wordy”.
  • Highlight your keywords by using upper or lower case so they are easily identifiable.
  • Try to have each word alone on its own line.
  • Each line should be connected, starting from the central image. The central lines are thicker, organic, and flowing, becoming thinner as they radiate out from the center.
  • Use multiple colors throughout the mind map, for visual stimulation and also to encode or group.
  • Develop your own personal style of mind mapping.
  • Use emphasis and show associations in your mind map.

Occasionally, Mind Maps are successfully used when a company is trying to identify a problem. Once the overall problem is identified, Root Cause analysis is used to help further recognize not only what the issue is, what happened, why it happened, and what to do to prevent it from happening again.

For Probes Unlimited, Inc. these methods will be very valuable. Mind Mapping is a tool that can be used on all levels of PUI from designing a website, creating a new product, or to help improve efficiency on the production floor. Root Cause analysis is most helpful when problems/processes involve human factors and/or interactions. Since PUI is a manufacturing facility with several production cells, human involvement is frequent. No facility is perfect, but since the market continues to dictate price, organizations like us need to focus their resources to meet these needs. This is an effective, relatively quick and inexpensive tool that can greatly increase our productivity and help us keep our cost low.

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